Frequently Asked Questions:

The more common PC you have with more running processes, the faster it would feel.

Yes, Fast! is real. It's simply a great technology that has a strong impact on experience.

We can't really speed up your hardware, but, we can allocate its resources differently - to focus on what you want, resulting in an amazing experience.

Yes, with Fast! you can prolong the computer life-cycle, saving a lot of money on upgrades (Total-Cost-of-Ownership).

Think about Fast! as having a new faster PC, browser will load faster, pages will be smoother, disk access improve but the internet connection is the same.

No, we do not alter or modify any hardware settings

It is called 'False-Positive', it's when we sometimes get identified by mistake. If your Anti-Virus blocking our software, please notify us about it. We will contact the Anti-Virus provider and sort this out.

Fast is removing all of its executable files completely from your system.

We have a strict privacy policy - we are only collecting statistical hardware data about your PC like memory size, cpu speed, disk size, messages, error messages, surveys, measurable experience and all possible information to make the product better. We do not collect any personal information except the one you are providing when registering.